Episode 13: Steps One and Two with Benn B.

These podcasts are a great deal of fun and I am fortunate to have such an opportunity to speak with so many people in the program and to benefit from the wide variety of experiences that exists among us. In this episode, I had an engaging conversation with Benn B. from Lincoln, Nebraska about the first two steps in our program of recovery. We examined these two steps from a secular perspective, drawing upon our own personal experience. We find that the steps are simple and complex at the same time.

It obvious when speaking with Benn, that he knew his stuff. He has a good understanding of the Steps as presented in AA literature, and he has great insight into the culture of Alcoholics Anonymous. This was helpful in exploring the similarities and differences in a secular view of the AA program as opposed to the traditional view as presented in our literature.

I hope you enjoy listening to this conversation as much I did participate in it.

About Benn B.

Benn has been active in AA for over 8 years attending both traditional and Agnostic/Atheist/Freethinker meetings. He has past experience in the recovery field working as an addictions counselor for approximately three years. His interests include film, golf, Nebraska Cornhusker athletics, and San Antonio Spurs basketball. On the day after recording this podcast, Benn and his wife Kelly welcomed a new little baby girl into the world, and Benn is now a happy and proud father.