Episode 54: The Five Keys: 12 Step Recovery Without A God, by Archer Voxx

Our podcast this week is an interesting interview I conducted with Archer Voxx, author of the book The Five Keys – Twelve Step Recovery Without A God. This short book is getting attention in the agnostic, atheist, and freethinker communities because of its fresh approach to introducing the newcomer to AA. The content of the book would also be eye-opening to many veterans of the fellowship.

As the population in the United States is becoming more and more secular, the religious content of  AA material is becoming more and more irrelevant. Since AA World Services has no plans to modernize the program’s content, Archer wrote The Five Keys to bridge the gap for the secular newcomer to AA. The book gives parents, loved ones, sponsors, and others something more concrete to provide the skeptical newcomer than: “This is a spiritual program – not religious – It works if you work it!”

In this podcast, we explore Archer’s background, the experiences that led him to write the book, and an introduction to each of The Five Keys. My special thanks to Archer for joining us and to you for visiting AA Beyond Belief for another podcast. Enjoy!

Archers’ books are available at Amazon in both paperback and e-reader versions. 

Read Bob K.’s review of Archer’s book, Alcoholics Anonymous Universal Edition.  



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