Beyond Belief Sobriety Visits the Untapped Keg Podcast

This is a video recorded today with RJ and Montee from the Untapped Keg Podcast. It was fun to chat with these guys again, and super nice to be on the other side of the microphone. This was an interesting conversation that came around at a time when I’ve been going through a shift in how I choose to experience my recovery. Change is inevitable, but hopefully, in the recovery process, we can channel our energy to change our lives in a more positive direction. How we decide to effect that change will itself change over time as we continue to grow and learn. It was nice to talk about that if only to clarify for myself where I’ve been and where I want to go.

The embed of the video starts about three minutes into the episode because of sound issues during the first couple of minutes. I hope you enjoy the discussion.

The Untapped Keg is hosted by RJ and Montee and covers topics about Sobriety, Mental Health, and Hope. They bring their lived experiences and highlight the stories of recovery to bring positivity and hope. Feel free to reach out to RJ and Montee on social media, follow them on  YouTube or visit their website.