SMART Talk: Cost-Benefit, and Risk-Reward Analysis

In this episode, we take a look at the similarities and differences between two tools; the cost-benefit analysis and the risk-reward analysis.


  • 00:00 Cost-Benefit and Risk-Reward Analysis.
  • 02:08 Differing styles among meeting facilitators.
  • 04:35 Motivational Interviewing.
  • 11:55 John’s reason for attending meetings after years of sobriety.
  • 13:30 John addresses complaints from listeners about comparing SMART to other programs.
  • 18:05 Cost-Benefit Analysis.
  • 30:10 Risk-Reward Analysis.
  • 37:53 Cognitive behavioral therapy techniques are widely used.
  • 38:52 Using Risk-Reward Analysis to cope with urges.
  • 41:38 Cost-Benefit Analysis used to build motivation to change.
  • 44:16 Thinking is changed as we remember the costs of using.
  • 46:56 Remember the costs of using without dwelling on the past.
  • 48:12 Lapse or relapse is used as a learning experience.
  • 50:09 Discussion of Rational Recovery and early SMART history.
  • 54:46 The value in producing the SMART Talk videos.
  • 59:34 Update on posting SMART Talk videos and podcast episodes.


Cost-Benefit Analysis

Risk-Reward Analysis

Risk-Reward Worksheet