Addiction to Recovery | Secular 12 Steps

This video features a conversation I had with Kim Hurd. Kim is a recovery coach and interventionist, and a person in long-term recovery. She’s passionate about mentoring clients and families to a path of long-term sustainable recovery through multiple pathways. On December 6, 2022, she hosted an online event called Addiction to Recovery where she interviewed people with expertise in addition recovery with the conversations focused on the importance of connection for recovering people. She asked me to talk with her about how one can understand the Twelve Steps in a completely secular way. So, that is the main topic covered int his interview.


00:00 Introduction
02:49 John recalls his early days in sobriety
04:58 Realizing he’s an atheist, John rethinks the steps
06:28 John starts the podcast
08:39 The dated language of the 12 Steps
13:20 Steps 1 through 3 16:25 Steps 4 and 5
19:22 The resiliency and willpower of an addict
21:16 Steps 6 and 7 23:55 Step 11
25:33 A secular Serenity Prayer
26:45 Powerless is only a word
27:50 Importance of connection
29:44 John’s experience podcasting about recovery
30:25 Finding a support community
31:43 How to find the podcast
33:06 Closing thoughts

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