After Gambling with Jamie Salsburg

Jamie Salsburg is the host of “The After Gambling Podcast.” He is a former problem gambler who hasn’t gambled since July 15th, 2010, and he created the website and podcast “After Gambling” to help people who are struggling with compulsive gambling. He also provides peer support for recovering gamblers, as well as their friends and family. You can learn more about Jamie and his podcast at

What we discussed

    • Jamie’s Personal Story * Being confronted with one’s addiction
    • Denial
    • The unique nature of compulsive/addictive gambling
    • How the addict’s behaviors affect the family
    • Dealing with shame and stigma
    • Jamie’s approach to recovery
    • The value of therapy
    • Being open about his recovery
    • Why he started the podcast
    • His experience with podcasting about recovery
    • Jamie’s approach to coaching