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Can you become addicted to a person and if so, how can you become unaddicted? With her book, UnAddicted to You: Loving Yourself Through the Darkness, Etel Leit answers these questions through the sharing of her own personal story and the lessons learned. Etel is a PhD. candidate, a best-selling author, motivator, public speaker, and an expert in human communication. She is the founder of Sign Shine, an organization that helps parents improve communication with their infant children through sign language. Sign Shine aligns with Etel’s belief that “healthy relationships begin with healthy communication.”

In this episode, Etel and I talk about her growing up years in Jerusalem and how her early experiences shaped her relationships later in life. She shares from her own journey what it’s like to be addicted to a person, and the importance of asking for help and having the courage to follow through. She also touches on a few simple tools for setting boundaries, avoiding drama, and learning to trust. Plus, she is offering to provide one of her tools for personal growth to the first three listeners of this podcast who contact her through her website

What we discussed

  • Healthy Relationships begin with healthy communication
  • Recognizing feelings and taking appropriate action
  • Codependency as an addiction to a relationship
  • What it’s like to be addicted to a person
  • Learning about relationships in childhood
  • Stigma and shame are obstacles to getting help
  • People pleasing behavior
  • Becoming a trophy
  • Asking for help and having the courage to act
  • Making the addict’s disease your own
  • Overcoming addiction to drama
  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • Helping others
  • Positive psychology
  • Learning to trust
  • Experience with writing the book


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