Kylie Butler: A Meaningful Life By Design

Kylie Butler is a podcaster, a writer, a career coach, a recovery coach, and a person in long-term recovery. Through her podcast and coaching business, “A Meaningful Life By Design”, she helps people bring their unique gifts to the world in a meaningful way. In this episode, she shares her journey of recovery and how she came to find purpose and meaning in her life.

What we talked about

  • Kylie’s story.
  • The origins of “A Meaningful Life By Design.”
  • Her approach to coaching people in recovery.
  • How career coaching and recovery coaching are similar.
  • Her initial reaction to the 12 Steps and how she feels about them now.
  • The flaws of traditional rehabs.
  • Finding our own path to recovery.
  • The importance of addressing critical trauma for people in recovery
  • The role that epigenetics plays in addiction.
  • Bali, and why it’s so special to her.

Memorable Quotes

Addiction is not our fault, but recovery is our responsibility, and that responsibility is to the next generation as well, because until we own this, it keeps getting passed down the line.

The ripple effect of your healing is so powerful.

There is nothing that is wrong with you. It’s what happened to you.


A Meaningful Life by Design