Luke Worsfold: Inside Addiction

Luke Worsfold is an entrepreneur who fell into addiction as he began to equate his self-worth with his net worth. Quickly, his life spun out of control and he lost everything. In this episode, Luke tells the story of his recovery and how his podcast Lisa Inside Addiction inspired him to become an addictions counselor.

Key points and topics discussed 

  • Luke’s early life and first experiences with drugs and alcohol.
  • Growing up with a drug-addicted mother.
  • How addiction impacted his personal and professional life.
  • Luke’s growing thirst for knowledge about addiction.
  • His experience with therapy.
  • How his podcast motivated him to become a therapist.
  • Mindfulness in recovery.
  • Forming healthy relationships through effective communication.
  • How to deal with difficulties in recovery.
  • Learning to regulate emotions.
  • Taking care of ourselves physically as well as mentally.
  • How Luke helps clients.

Memorable quotes 

I remember calling around to as many people as I could, manipulating them, trying to get the emotional leverage so they could lend me money to buy more drugs and keep using because I just didn’t have anything. I remember having one last friend in my phone book, he was an entrepreneur like me. When I called him to ask for money, he said, “You need it to buy drugs don’t you?” He said, Luke, you’re a crack head. — Luke

For me, in terms of my mind, I find it is quite hard to start good habits because I build them up into something that is really big. I find it easy to start with micro-commitments. —Luke

 It was really interesting to have those great conversations on the podcast. I wanted to become a good counselor and work with people like me and like my mum, and be able to help people.  — Luke


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