Motivational Interviewing

In this episode, we discuss how Motivational Interviewing and Motivational Enhancement Therapy fit in with the SMART Four Point Program.


00:00 Motivational Interviewing
02:04 Three models of therapy used by SMART
02:50 Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy
03:32 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
04:03 Motivational Enhancement Therapy
05:00 Motivational Interviewing
05:33 Don’t ask closed-ended questions
06:50 Reflective listening
09:41 Combine reflective listening with open-ended questions
10:05 Motivational interviewing helps keep people focused
13:23 Why it’s helpful to understand motivational interviewing
16:08 SMART tools designed to facilitate motivational interviewing 16:51 It’s about having the motivation to change
20:48 Affirmations
23:05 Motivational interviewing to help see costs and benefits of quitting or using
25:44 Motivational interviewing in the workplace
29:35 Focus on the tools and not the acronyms
32:30 Two goals: enhance motivation and change beliefs
33:43 Using distraction
38:50 Should you call someone if thinking of using?
44:48 Using distraction to deal with urges
51:06 Holding two opposing thoughts or feelings
54:25 Creating a higher self-awareness


Motivational Listening PDF:

SMART Podcast Interview with Dr. Molly McGill About Motivational Interviewing: