Paul Churchill From The Recovery Elevator

In this episode, we meet Paul Churchill, author, podcaster, and a person in long-term recovery. When Paul’s life went into meltdown in the summer of 2014, he came to a realization that he needed to stop drinking. More importantly, though, he was ready to stop, and he wanted sobriety. Then, after about six months of sobriety, Paul feared that he was overconfident about his recovery so he started a podcast to hold himself accountable. This podcast, “The Recovery Elevator” evolved into a supportive sober community.

What we talked about

  • How podcasting helped Paul overcome the stigma of alcoholism.
  • The danger of “all or nothing thinking”.
  • Thoughts on relapse and recovery.
  • Society’s lax attitude about the inherent dangers of alcohol.
  • Softer entry points to recovery.
  • Paul’s sober community Cafe Re.
  • Importance of community and connection for people in recovery.
  • The Recovery Elevator team


The Recovery Elevator Website

Cafe Re 

Paul’s TED Talk “I’ve Been Duped by Alcohol”