Seth Perry

Meet Seth Perry. Clean since April 12, 2010, Seth grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia, and today he is a clergy person living in Kingston, Ontario. Seth’s problem with addiction started in Vancouver, and for the last six years of his drinking, he worked as a stand-up comedian. After burning all his bridges in the industry because of his drinking, he left that life behind.

Since getting into recovery, Seth earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and a Masters in Theology. He uses his education and experience to work with people in recovery as a Chaplin in a treatment center, a support worker, and as a manager of a sober living house.

He believes in facilitating dialogue and journeying alongside people in recovery regardless of their belief system. I always advocate for secular options for folks in recovery when I collaborate with them. You can learn more about Seth on his YouTube Channel where he has produced some wonderful videos about various topics of interest to people in recovery.