Tara Boyce | Addicted to Recovery: The Interactive Memoir

In this episode, we meet Tara Boyce who shares her personal story of recovery and talks about her podcast “Addicted to Recovery: The Interactive Memoir.” Her podcast has a unique format that involves Tara reading from her own memoir and then discussing her feelings about what she wrote. She also responds to listener comments and questions from previous episodes.

Tara is an incredible talent. Her writing is brilliant, her podcast is exceptional, she’s has a great sense of humor and she’s a skilled communicator. She channels her creativity into this podcast as a way of giving back. I would definitely recommend you check it out.

What we talked about

    • The ups and downs of recovery
    • Dealing with relapse
    • Losing a friend or loved one to suicide
    • The progressive nature of alcoholism
    • How podcasting has impacted Tara’s recovery
    • Turning liabilities into strengths
    • Merging her creativity with her recovery
    • Humor as part of recovery
    • How Tara handles the god bit in 12 Step recovery
    • Learning from Marya Hornbacher’s book “Waiting: A Nonbeliever’s Higher Power” that agnosticism can be its own form of spirituality.
    • How Tara wrote her memoir and incorporated it in her podcast.
    • Changing perspective on her past.


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