The Sinclair Method With Katie Lain

This was recorded two years ago when I was working on a podcast I called “My Secular Sobriety” I discontinued that podcast because the subject matter is identical to what I cover on this channel. I’ll be transferring the video and audio content from “My Secular Sobriety” to “Beyond Belief Sobriety” over the coming weeks, and I’m starting with this interesting conversation about the Sinclair Method.

My guest is Katie Lain, an advocate and mentor for the Sinclair Method, which is a means for treating Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) based on the principal of pharmacological extinction. Those who use this method to treat AUD will take the drug Naltrexone one hour prior to drinking. Naltrexone is an opiate blocker that over time removes one’s craving for alcohol.

Katie started with TSM in August of 2017, and she found the experience to be personally transformative. Realizing that more people need to know about this method for treating AUD, Katie bravely went public with her story. Through her YouTube Channel and website, Katie has not only helped spread the word about TSM, but she has built a supportive community for others.

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