Why Do Atheists Bother with AA?

In this episode, John Huey returns to ask why atheists and agnostics bother with AA. Is it a waste of time for them to try and find a place in an organization with deep religious roots?

Questions for our discussion

  • Should atheists talk to or engage with traditional AA people at all?
  • What good does it do for atheists to be involved with AA?
  • Shouldn’t atheists start their own organization separate from AA?
  • Why not participate in SMART or other secular options?
  • Does AA even secular AA meetings drive atheists and agnostics away?
  • Is it possible that modifying and adapting the 12 Steps only causes confusion and stress rather than helping?
  • What use is AA World Services, the General Service Office, or the General Service Conference of AA to atheists and agnostics?

About John Huey

John Huey’s student work of the ’60s-’70s was influenced by teachers in Vermont such as John Irving at Windham College and William Meredith at Bread Loaf. After many years he returned to writing poetry in 2011. He has been widely anthologized and published since then. His first full-length book, ‘The Moscow Poetry File’, was published by Finishing Line Press in November 2017.

Full information on his creative work, as well as his many Secular Recovery talks and writings, can be found at john-huey.com.