Episode 268: Improving Addiction Treatment & Accessibility

In this episode, I speak with Sam Arsenault Wilson, the Chief Quality Officer, and Co-founder of Confidant Health, an app-based hub of resources and clinical providers that help people with mental health and substance use problems. I was happy to feature Confidant Health on this podcast because I believe their model, which is grounded in science, helps make addiction treatment more accessible to a greater number of people.

Sam’s background is in recovery policy and advocacy, and she created the first treatment rating system called ATLAS, an acronym for Addiction Treatment Locator, Assessment, and Standards Platform. Her co-founder John Reed is a serial health tech entrepreneur who was personally touched by addiction. The two created Confidant Health as a way to leverage technology to improve how addiction treatment is delivered.

One of the core features of Confidant Health is its ReVAMP Behavior Change Program. ReVAMP is an acronym for Reward, Values, Activities, Mind/Body, and Plan. This is accessed by downloading and installing the ReVAMP app and answering some basic questions. Once registered with the app, users can design their own treatment plan with the assistance of a chatbot. They can opt for self-study or sign up to work with a coach or therapist. The recovery plan is always personalized to meet an individual’s unique needs.

Another interesting and useful feature offered by Confidant Health is their Community Payment Plan, which assures that cost is not a barrier to treatment. Through the Community Payment Plan, there is an option to either pay the suggested price, a reduced price, or name your own price. Some participants pay extra to cover the costs for those who can’t afford to pay the suggested price of the service.

I am comfortable recommending Confidant Health for anyone who is questioning their relationship with alcohol or drugs. Below are links to the Confidant Health website where you can find all the information necessary to get started.


Confidant Health Website 

ATLAS Website

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