Episode 292: Afternoon with the Atheists

In this episode of Beyond Belief Sobriety, you will meet John C. from Paris, Vick Losick, from New York City, John Huey from Washington D.C., and Larry Knight from Toronto. The four appeared on the podcast to talk about a new secular recovery meeting they started called “Afternoon with the Atheists,” which is named after a panel discussion they have been presenting at Secular AA Conferences since 2016.

The meeting is intended to provide a safe space for atheists or secularly-minded people in general to find support for their recovery without the burden of a Higher Power, 12 Steps, Traditions, and all the slogans and language found in 12 Step meetings.

The meetings are held on Zoom every Sunday at 2:00 PM EST.

Meeting Information


Episode 48: Larry K and the Settlement with the Toronto Intergroup

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