Episode 214: Randy Haveson | The Ego Cleanse

Randy Haveson is a person in long-term recovery, a life coach, an author, and a full-time keynote speaker with a passion for helping people build their self-esteem. In this episode, we learn about Randy’s life-journey and discuss his book The Ego Cleanse: Becoming Your Own Best Friend. In this book, Randy discusses the difference between ego and self-esteem, the common obstacles to building self-esteem, and practical actions that can be taken to overcome those obstacles.

What we talked about

  • Randy’s story.
  • The difference between self-esteem and ego.
  • The ego and self-esteem continuum.
  • Understanding what direction we are heading on the continuum.
  • The obstacles to building self-esteem.
  • Four areas of focus to building self-esteem.


Randy’s website: randyspeaks.com 
Randy’s YouTube Channel 
Randy’s TED Talk: “Becoming Your Own Best Friend 
Randy’s book, The Ego Cleanse: Becoming Your Own Best Friend