Episode 237: The Road to Sobriety: A Personal Experience

Timothy Clancy is an independent Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Counselor who specializes in self-destructive behaviors such as substance abuse and eating disorders. He is a certified SMART Recovery meeting facilitator and the author of The Road to Sobriety: A Personal Experience. In this episode, Timothy shares his story and discusses alcoholism, treatment, and recovery.

What we talked about

  • Timothy’s background
  • Dealing with a learning disability and bullying as a child.
  • The Stages of Alcoholism
  • Having a predisposition to alcoholism.
  • Other contributing factors to alcoholism.
  • Timothy’s struggle with depression and a traumatic brain injury.
  • Denial
  • How to stop enabling an alcoholic
  • Is hitting rock bottom necessary?
  • Goals in sobriety
  • SMART Recovery
  • AA vs. SMART
  • Links

  • Timothy’s book. The Road to Recovery: A Personal Experience
  • SMART Recovery¬†