Episode 11: Bob K on Rebellion Dogs Radio

This podcast was produced by Joe C from Rebellion Dogs Radio and we are honored to republish it here. In this episode of Rebellion Dogs Radio, Joe interviews our friend Bob K, author of Key Players in AA History and numerous articles on AA Agnostica and AA Beyond Belief. I think you will enjoy their conversation about AA history, Ernie Kurtz and the role we could play in making AA history.

Joe talks about a Symposium on AA History  where he will deliver a presentation about atheists and agnostics in AA. The retreat, described by Joe as a “spring break for geeks of AA history” will be held on March 4 through March 6 in Sedona, Arizona. If you enjoy AA history, you will love this retreat in Sedona.

Other topics discussed in this podcast include:

 Thank you Joe for allowing us to publish your work here and thank you for the great interview of Bob K, or I should say the interview of the great Bob K.

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