Episode 216: Mari Q.

Mari Q. shares her story of addiction and the phases of her development over the many years she has been in recovery – a process she describes as a healthier practice. The Twelve Steps are only one piece of her recovery, there is a lot more that she learned outside of Twelve Step meetings that she incorporates into her recovery.

What we talked about

    • Mari’s introduction to the Twelves Steps in Alateen.
    • Her first experience with drinking.
    • Her many attempts to bring her drinking and drugging under control.
    • Attending NA and eventually finding sustained abstinence from drugs and alcohol.
    • Navigating recovery as an atheist.
    • Understanding her and other people’s phase of development.
    • Taking a holistic approach to recovery.
    • The importance of letting others in Twelve Step programs know that she stays sober without a belief in God.
    • What she enjoys doing and is capable of doing in recovery.

Memorable quotes

There re all kinds of things that I have learned because I am aware and because I’m sober that are more than just the program for me as far as how I live my life. A healthier practice today is what I’m invested in.

I recognize the phases of development that I’m in and that others are in, and I have compassion for other people for whatever phase they are in or I am in.


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