Episode 225: Story and Connection with Kayla Connor

Kayla was introduced to AA while in treatment, and though she had a problem relating to the religious language of the program, she could appreciate the importance of community and the connection that comes from the sharing of personal stories. Seeing a need for more literature tailored to people in recovery who hold a secular worldview, Kayla would like to compile a book of stories from secular people in recovery.

What we talked about

  • Kayla’s story
  • Experience in treatment
  • First impression of AA
  • Problems with the god bit in AA
  • Importance of stories and connection
  • The idea for a book dedicated to agnostics and atheists in recovery.
  • Relapse as part of recovery

Memorable quotes

Someone else out there is experiencing what I am experiencing, and I think that is a cornerstone of sobriety.

Fully living a sober life is the point of recovery.

Part of recovery is learning coping mechanisms. Digging deeper is important.


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