Episode 183: A Brief History of Secular AA

In this episode, Joe C. from Rebellion Dogs Radio joins Angela and John for a brief overview of the history of secular AA groups. This episode was recorded live on YouTube and Facebook on July 10, 2020. We live stream every Friday night at 7:00 pm on the AA Beyond Belief YouTube Channel, public Facebook page, and our private Facebook group.

Key points and topics discussed 

  • The first Quad A group in Chicago, Illinois in 1975 
  • The first international secular AA conference in Santa, Monica CA in 2014 
  • The creation of ICSAA | Secular AA in Austin, Texas in 2016 
  • How the Internet facilitated the growth of secular AA meetings. 

Memorable Quotes

I have to tell you, that that conference really changed my life. I mean, I wouldn’t be here right now, speaking with you, if it wasn’t for that. It was just an amazing experience. So here I was, I’ve been in AA for a long time and recently realized I was an atheist, and then I meet these people from all over the world. It was the most amazing experience. 

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