Episode 233: Sex Addiction

In this episode, we will talk about sex addiction with David S., a member of Sex Addicts Anonymous. David will help us understand sex addiction from his personal experience, review the terminology related to sex addiction, and describe a typical Sex Addicts Anonymous meeting.

What we talked about

  • Dave’s story.
  • The nature of addiction and living a dual existence.
  • How sex addiction differs from other addictions.
  • The role of trauma in Dave’s story and the role it plays in most if not all addictions.
  • How a person is introduced to an SAA meeting.
  • What a Sex Addicts Anonymous meeting is like.
  • The importance of online and telephone meetings.
  • How SAA is surviving in the age of COVID.
  • Dave’s problem with the religious nature of SAA.
  • Dave’s secular perspective on the 12 Steps.
  • The idea of that in recovery we recover the essence of who we really are (our spirit).
  • The terminology used by sex addicts and how they define sobriety.
  • Society’s view on sex.
  • How recovery impacts the addict’s family.
  • Regaining the trust of spouses and significant others.
  • Sex addiction and recovery in popular culture.


Sex Addicts Anonymous Website