Episode 193: The Plague Year

In this episode, John Huey talks about his thoughts on COVID and alcoholism, and what the two have in common. He thinks back on friends who didn’t survive their drinking and realizes that we don’t think often enough about those who don’t make it. You can read more in John’s essay,  A Journal of the Plague Year

Key points and topics discussed 

  • Either COVID or alcoholism will kill you if you won’t listen and learn from the experience and knowledge of others.
  • The mystery of why some get sober and others don’t.
  • How the recovery community is and will continue to be affected by COVID.
  • The future of online recovery meetings.
  • Learning from those who don’t make it.

Memorable Quotes 

It’s like you either pay attention to you or y our don’t. If you don’t pay proper attention to it. It will kill you. – John Huey. 

We’re talking about two fatal conditions. – John Huey 

These tragedies that I was seeing in the outer and the inner world had something to do with one another. – John Huey

What do we have that allows us to erect a bulwark against alcoholism. It’s got to be stuff that is very basic. That’s where COVID comes in. What do we have that works for COVID? Social distancing and masks. It’s very simple.  -John Huey 


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A Journal of the Plague Year, by Daniel Defoe