Episode 194: OMAGOD Online Secular AA Meeting

In this episode, I speak with Mikey J. from Our Mostly Agnostic Group of Drunks (OMAGOD) located in Orlando, Florida, and now meeting online every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7:00 pm Eastern. Mikey takes us through the history of the group and what they learned about hosting online AA meetings. 

Key Points and Topics Discussed 

  • The history of OMAGOD and their online meetings. 
  • How to keep a secular AA meeting from drifting into discussions about religion and gods. 
  • How to handle Zoom bombers and keep the meeting safe. 
  • Tips s for celebrating anniversaries online. 
  • How to help newcomers in a Zoom meeting.

Memorable Quotes 

I had been sober in AA for about 8 years, all in traditional AA, and every time I saw the god stuff, it didn’t register, I just ignored it. Then I came out as an atheist, and this was my support group, my family, everything to me and they slowly started turning their back on me.  – Mikey J. 

It never occurred to me that other people who don’t believe in God would have a problem in AA. – Mikey J. 

I still love going to meetings, especially out of town. One thing that I think is important is that we remain neutral about God. – Mikey J. 

We are a really good meeting where the God topic just doesn’t come up much. – Mikey J. 


OMAGOD website 

Link to more online secular AA meetings 


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