Episode 2: A Conversation with Kevin P. | Freethinkers in AA Kansas City

Many years ago, maybe twenty or more, I would occasionally attend a speaker meeting on Friday nights and at those meetings I would see Kevin P. I never got to know him, but as long as I’ve been in AA, he’s been around. We went to different groups and our paths rarely crossed. Fortunately for me that changed sometime in July when Kevin came to a meeting at my home group, We Agnostics Kansas City.  

Kevin is a freethinker and was becoming increasingly uncomfortable at his home group as he noticed what he calls a “creeping fundamentalism” finding it’s way into the rooms of AA. After attending our meetings for a few months, he decided to form a new AA group called Freethinkers in AA Kansas City, which meets on the nights our group doesn’t. This gives us six meetings a week in Kansas City for the agnostic, atheist and freethinker in AA.

A couple of weeks ago, Kevin came over to my house and sitting at the kitchen table, we had a chat which I secretly recorded and am now broadcasting over the internet. No, just kidding folks…. Kevin gave his full consent and I am proud to call him my friend. I hope you enjoy the conversation.

Freethinkers in AA Kansas City meets at 7:00 pm on Monday and Wednesday at St. Andrews Episcopal Church, 6401 Wornall Terrace, Kansas City Missouri.